Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tuning into Data Handling unit

Tuning In:

To help get us tuned into our new unit exploring data handling, each student in a group of 4 was given a different type of graph (as our UOI is migration, they were given graphs related to migration patterns)

After examining the graph, they each recorded:

° FORM: Data the graph provides


° PERSPECTIVE: Thoughts on this type of graph. 

They then folded their thoughts on the recording sheet under so they couldn't be seen and then passed it to the next person in the group.

Eventually, all 4 group members had recorded their thoughts about each graph. 

The graphs and recorded thoughts:

After, we unfolded and read through our group's thoughts and discussed our thoughts together.

   As a whole class, we then discussed the types of graphs and whether we found some graphs easier to read than others and why.  

I then introduced the our central idea.

We brainstormed questions we might need to find out to become experts on our central idea.

We then examined our generated questions and scaled them down to what we considered would be the key questions we should focus our enquiry on:

We had created some really great questions and these will be the basis of our maths unit.  When kids are given the opportunity to create and decide what they should learn, the engagement of learning certainly increases and they have developed a deeper awareness of the purpose behind the enquiry that is about to take place. 

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