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I've used this story with every class in the last 14 years ranging from Year 2 to Year 6. Every year the kids love their investigations they create and so do I!  

I highly recommend you buy this book - you will love using it every year! :)

It's a simple story of a boy who wonders and conducts maths investigations such as how long could you draw a line until the pen runs out of ink or how many humpback whales could fit inside his house? He's a fabulous role model of an enquiring mathematician and the story instantly sparks amazingly creative wonderings with the children who set off eagerly in class to find ways to calculate their own ideas. 

Examples on some children's investigations from the book: Counting on Frank- Kids Create & Investigate Measurement



This story takes us through a girl's mind as she thinks about what infinity is. Kate Hosford's website inspired a lot of the activities found on the link below:
Infinity and Me- Kids Enquiries into the Concept of Inifinity


Even Year 6 students get engrossed in this story that blows our minds when we start trying to comprehend such large numbers. Afterwards, the children launched into finding out their own wonderings:

See what we decided to investigate


We used this picture book as part of our enquiry into angles to help us further discover what we can do with maths.  Our big discovery was play.

What's Your Angle Pythagoras?

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