Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Ratio Problem

It's St. Valentine's Day.

We began our day writing messages about what we love / appreciate about us as a community of learners. We enjoyed reading this out and discussing the ideas in a circle. 




It's always good to create a positive atmosphere and to constantly guide children to appreciate others. :)

To help feel festive about the day, we looked at the following problem:

I was hoping this would help us inquire into using a ratio table or double number line naturally as we haven't directly looked at these as a visual strategy yet. 

As per usual, we had a choice of trying to solve this visually individually or with a partner. The key word was solving it in a visual way. 

After experimenting and lots of deep dicussions- especially testing whether answers made sense or not, we discussed some of the strategies we were interested in finding out about and those children explained to us.

Here are some of the strategies:


We really liked all the different approaches of visualising and we discussed how it didn't matter whether we got the answer or not. Instead we should celebrate the creative thinking that took place. 

Obviously the double number is still a new concept and so I introduced it as a possible tool we could use in future inquiries:

Some of us liked this strategy and others preferred their own as it made more sense to them. Thoughts like that are really as mathematicians. Whatever helps us to make sense of numbers is what we should use another child remarked. And that, was a pretty perfect way to move on to our next investigation. 

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