Sunday, 5 November 2017

Exploring the Properties of Quadrilaterals

We have been exploring the properties of quadrilaterals. To help us find out what properties exist, we used a Venn diagram with a partner to compare the parallelogram and trapezium.

We then shared our ideas together as a class and came up collectively with the following:

This was a useful learning strategy to help all of us see different properties we can think about when exploring polygons. As children shared their ideas, they helped others to understand by teaching us what they meant.

We then chose two quadrilaterals and created a Venn diagram to compare their properties.  After comparing, we then evaluated whether we thought the two quadrilaterals had a close or a distant relationship and why.

There was, of course, a marked growth in understanding and the children reflected on how proud they felt in being able to find so many connections.

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