Thursday, 19 May 2016

Using Padlet to 'Check In' on Student Interest

It's important to 'check in' on where each child is at during a maths unit. 

To find out, today we used padlet.

It's a great resource and easy to use.

Our question was:

What are our thoughts and feelings about our enquiry into prime and composite numbers?

I placed four different smiley faces on the padlet. Each child selected a face that best describes their thoughts and/or feelings and wrote their reason why.

Because 18 students would have made the padlet too crowded, we used two identical padlets and half the class used each:

This is a really useful way to identify students who might be struggling with what we are thinking about and exploring.  It also helps to see students who are really engrossed as it helps identify the types of learning experiences that do really engage them. By identifying what engages our students we can ensure to continue with similar styles of learning to keep that interest level of enquiry high.

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