Monday, 18 April 2016

Creating a Student-Owned Maths Unit: Volume & Capacity

We began our new maths unit exploring volume and capacity by using the PYP key concepts.  These are a really useful tool to help students dig deeply and arouse curiosity in a maths unit.

Looking at our central idea (below), we came up with a lot of key concept enquiry questions we could explore and then as a whole class we decided on the following to give more focus to.  

I love this strategy because it instantly makes our unit student-owned. We keep these displayed in our room and as we enquire throughout the unit, we keep referring back to these questions to check in what we have already discovered and what we should do to find out more about what we don't know well yet.  

From this, each child also has gained a very clear direction and purpose of our maths unit.  Throughout, the students are encouraged to think of activities we could do to find answers to these question and so, the unit becomes even more student-owned and enquiry-based.

Looking at these enquiry questions, we have a good and interested feeling about our new maths unit and that's a pretty great way to begin exploring new concepts. 

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  1. Great idea! Have been thinking about how to put this into action next year. Thanks for the inspiration... as always!

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback! It's nice to know my blog ramblings are helpful to others. Enjoy the learning next year! :)


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