Friday, 30 October 2015

Open-ended Chocolate Bar Fraction Activity

To help us visualise fractions, we looked at this open-ended question:

We had a choice of the easier or more challenging version based upon reflecting where we felt our understanding was at and which might help us deepen our understanding the most. Giving children choices like this in maths, helps them gain a deeper sense of how they are responsible for their own learning as well as helping them to develop greater independence as learners. 

Being open-ended, so many diverse thoughts and strategies were shared during the thinking activity and afterwards. These open-ended activities also help cater to all the diverse levels of understandings we have in our class. The other bonus is that every child feels successful as mathematicians essentially because they are. 

Students then selected one of the 'fraction chocolates' they felt had challenged their thinking the most and published it for a class display:


  1. Amazing strategies to facilitate math!!!

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  3. This is great! Where'd you get the resource in the first picture?


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