Thursday, 14 May 2015

Does time exist or is it an illusion?

The most incredible, in depth and thought-provoking discussion took place.  As an optional home learning activity, I gave my class this 45 min documentary to watch at home during the week.  

To participate in our discussion on Friday morning they needed to make notes of things they found interesting and wonderings they had. 

YouTube link:     Does time really exist?

Never say that an 11 year old can't comprehend complex physics theories!

Because of the strong interest in black holes and the possibility of time travel, they wanted me to find another documentary for them to take notes on the following week for home learning.  So, I searched for one that would connect and help answer some of the questions that arose from the first documentary. 

This discussion on the next Friday morning was equally impressive!

Youtube link:    Space & Time Travel Theories

Why haven't I done this before?!?!?

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