Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Enquiring into Multiplication Strategies

I've never experienced a bunch of kids being excited about multiplication before.

First thing in the mornings, kids are bundling taking off their bags and talking about 'cool' multiplication strategies they learnt the night before and sharing them with me and their peers. 

This all started with an idea I've played with a few times this year of flipping our classroom.  

Here is the link of how we have been enquiring into different multiplication strategies: Click here 

Over the past fortnight, the children have now self and peer taught 4 strategies of their choosing.  Today, we spent time peer-teaching with partners or in trios the strategies we had learnt and then to collect our thoughts in reflection, we published the strategies and reflected on how this enquiry impacted our thinking about multiplication.

To bring some some creativity, we came up with our own catchy names for each strategy.....

Some samples:

Excited children about multiplication- tick!

Student-owned - semi-tick!

Engaging - tick!

Deepened conceptual understandings - tick!

Differentiated -tick!

Reflective mathematicians - tick!

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